Byt za Koupit v Lisabon, Portugalsko

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Marvila is getting more and more modern, preparing to receive more visitors in the eastern part of Lisbon, with the aim of uniting the entire coastal area of the city. Thus was born, the modern development - Prata Riverside Village - offering the city an idyllic landscape for its architecture and its surroundings. The Ribeirinho Oriente Garden and the beauty of the Tagus River complement the work of art of the acclaimed Architect Renzo Piano, awarded the Italian Pritzker prize, with several reference works around the world. The construction of this enterprise is not only sustained by design, comfort and modernity, in perfect harmony, as well as by the light... enjoying the best sunrise and sunset in the city. The PARK Building is located on the first line of the river, being the closest building to the Parque Ribeirinho Oriente. It includes typologies from T0 to T4, aimed at a diverse audience, never losing attention to detail, the primacy of comfort and the sensitivity of design. The apartments with elegant balconies, enjoy the natural light of our city, are made with materials and premium finishes, following the highest standards of demand and quality. Always with the highest energy sustainability and a very high level of acoustic and thermal comfort, to raise your level of well-being, every day of the year. Prata Riverside Village has about 20,000 m2 of commercial area available, namely dining spaces and shops in various areas, such as decoration, animal products, as well as laundry, grocery store, among others. The search for the perfect space to reside can end in Prata Riverside Village, come and meet this new reality in the riverside area of the city of Lisbon! More information, we are at your disposal! Energy Rating: A #ref:CB06-0085C2A


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